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Super And Exciting Games-Ninja Warrior
- Jan 02, 2019 -

Ninja warrior, also known as ninja obstacle, ninja course , it  is one of the more popular functional projects of trampoline park project. Originating from foreign challenge TV programs, it is an interesting way to challenge players' balance ability, strength and agility in all aspects.

Ninja warrior combines the abilities of parkour, jumping, climbing and balancing to experience fun adventure sports while providing a particularly effective workout. It can also cultivate children's physical strength and endurance, and bring players confidence and a sense of accomplishment after successfully passing through the level.


The function of trampoline park ninja course / ninja warrior:

1. Increase flexibility.

2. Increase blood supply and nutrition to the combined structure. 

    Stretching increases tissue temperature, which in turn increases blood circulation and nutrient transport.

3.Stretching exercises can promote muscle relaxation.

4. Exercise muscle strength of upper limbs and improve the ability of holding hands. 

    Wrist, elbow, shoulder and other joints can also become more flexible. 


Tips for ninja warrior of indoor trampoline park:

1.Wear special trampoline socks to maintain good grip.

2.When you're ready to enter the ninja space program, don't try to do more than you can do.

3.After entering the field, players should remove large or loose jewelry. 

   Please do not carry keys, lighters, glasses, hair clips and other sharp and hard objects. Rivets 

4.ornaments, if possible, please take off glasses and hearing AIDS and so on.

5.Children should be accompanied and looked after by adults after entering the playground.

Only one person is allowed to play at a time.

6. Avoid arm strain when playing grip function.

7. Do not remove mountaineering buckle screws in the project.

8. The ninja space project is dangerous. 

    Please do not use the project that you cannot bear or pass. 

    Horizontal bar, easy to cause children fall, arm injury and other injuries

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