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Paradise Playground
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Paradise Playground is an online online game of MMORPG type developed by the famous Korean game company NCSoft. The main story is 150 years before the paradise, but it is later than the launch time of heaven. The world view is the same, and the biggest difference with heaven is the development of "Unreal" 3D engine, which has a realistic and beautiful 3D stereoscopic picture; Upgrade and transfer, pay more attention to professional collocation, so in-depth city needs to team up with other players. The Taiwan region of China was represented by Jean-Lee; the mainland China region was represented by Sina (SINA.COM) in 2004-2006, and NCsoft was separated from the original partner Sina in 2006, and its operations in China, NCSoftChina, continued to operate. It is now a grand agent.

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