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Indoor Activities For The Kids
- Mar 13, 2019 -

Who are we??

--Chengdu Hailebao Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. 

which is mainly in manufacturing indoor playground and trampoline over 15 years.

We are a family owned indoor playground for kids and toddlers. We take pride in designing and manufacturing a safe, fun, quality and friendly amusement equipment for guests.



For indoor playground: We have many themes for you to choose, like Space, Ocean, Jungle, Forest, Ice and snow, Candy, Colorful, CS etc.  

We divided the playground into five zones: the toddlers area; the adventure area with obstacle bridges; the area for million ball pit balls; the freestyle hall for sliding and creeping & climbing; the game area offering swing set, space and time tunnel, mace set, 3-layer spiral chute, sliding cylinder, etc. 

Of course, if you have other requirements, you can also tell us. It can be designed according to the size of the area, match and combined as you like.



What can the indoor playground bring to the kids?

The kids and toddlers are the most important roles in the indoor playground. We invite you and your children to play, learn and make new friends! 

When toddlers and babies play with each other they will learn social skills like resolving conflict, compromising, and share with the others.They can also discover so much about themselves including their own likes and dislikes. Playing with others also fosters cognitive and language skills, interaction and social 

interaction play in important role in the development of self-confidence.

For your kids, please make the best choice. Any question or suggestion, please also contact us.

We will try our best to build up a wonderful environment of the indoor playground for your kids. 


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