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How To Customize One Set Of The Suitable Indoor Playground
- Mar 15, 2019 -

Nowadays there are many companies which could manufacture and install the indoor playground. 

But do you know the designing and manufacturing process?

Let us to tell you this process from now on!

Chengdu Hailebao Amusement Equipment, is major in designing and manufacturing indoor playground and trampoline over 15 years.


We believe that “Suitable and Proper” are the most important things.

First, we will give our guests some existing designs the different themes for reference and making the choice.

At present, we have Ocean, Space, Candy, Colorful, Pirate ship, Jungle,CS themes etc.

Our design engineers are still creating the new themes to satisfied different environment all over the world nowadays.

We believe that “Suitable is the best”.

After you confirmed the theme, then we need you to offer the CAD drawings of your floor plan, also with the measurement.

(CAD drawings would be better than draft drawings). 


Is there any pillar or beam at your area?

Do you need some personalized special designs?

Then we will arrange our design engineers to customize it for you.

And it usually need about 2-5 days for the designing.

Different configurations have different prices.

If you have any requirement about the equipment or the toys, you can also tell us. 

Those themes are designed according to the size of the area, matched and combined as you like.

All we do is to design the most suitable theme for you. 

Your suggestions are very important to us, so we will keep in touch with you throughout the design phase.


Now do you eager to own your exciting indoor playground or trampoline park and take an unusual experience inside it?

Always welcome to contact us once you are interested in this field! We will give you the professional suggestions and perfect playground.

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