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Electric Toy Market Pattern
- Jan 14, 2019 -

China is the world's largest toy producer, and there are many companies engaged in the production of electric toy cars, but quite a number of enterprises are processing trade enterprises. There are not many companies that have the main brand and the brand has influence and popularity in the market. However, although there are not many electric toy car manufacturers with high self-owned brands in China, in fact, few enterprises in the product market segment have already seen the products of some enterprises leading the market, and the market has formed. "The situation of the group is divided." Therefore, foreign companies that want to open up the domestic market, or processing export trade enterprises need to know this.

At present, the situation of the domestic toy car market, "Chinese and foreign toy manufacturing", the authoritative industry media of the domestic toy industry, conducts sampling and statistical surveys on the toy sales of major shopping malls across the country every quarter, and comprehensively analyzes the magazine's survey and market conditions. The segmentation sales of electric toy cars and model toy cars market have the following characteristics:

Four-wheel drive and small remote control electric toy car -- these two toy products have always been the top of the "Audi" products. The "Audi" brand toy car is a strong product of the first toy company in China, "Aofei Animation". The company's marketing has been very successful, its distinctive feature is to promote the sale of related toy products through the broadcast of anime films. In addition, the company's other handcuffs are to organize various activities for marketing, such as the national four-wheel drive competition. In the domestic market, a wave of sales fever has formed.

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