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Marine ball practice
- Sep 14, 2018 -

1. The ocean ball uses a two-shot non-porous blow molding technique.

2. The ocean ball (wave ball) is ventilated, but the vent is in the mold! The distribution of the pores is very small!

3. In the production process, the plastic begins to melt under the high temperature of Baidu. When it flows to the mold cup, it instantly closes the mold, instantly blows the air, opens the mold, and naturally forms a spherical shape!

4. Careful friends who have a careful observation on the sphere still have traces of tiny blowholes! But this does not affect the safety of the product. The products are strictly tested. It can be said that 60KG adults are not standing on the ball. Will break!

5. In order to make the ball have enough air pressure, the recommended screw air compressor!

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