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Electric toy market space
- Sep 14, 2018 -

After years of technical research and development and market cultivation, electric toy cars have become the main products in boys' toys. In the customs export commodity toy code products "other toys and models with power devices", the proportion of electric toy cars is quite high. According to the analysis of the situation of the Guangdong Toy Association, it is estimated that the proportion of electric toy cars in this coded product is about 70%. Therefore, through the comprehensive analysis of various aspects of customs export statistics, we can calculate the following markets for this product:

In 2008, China exported 903 million US dollars of "other toys and models with power devices", but in fact, the proportion of toy cars without power devices - such as scaled car models - in toy cars It is quite large and usually sells at a high price. The toys made in China account for about 70% of the world market. The export value of products is the ex-factory price of goods. The retail price in the international market will be several times that of products exported offshore. Based on such market facts, a conservative approach can be used to draw the following conclusions: In 2008, the combined output of China's electric toy cars and model cars was estimated to exceed US$1 billion. In general, overseas retailers importing toy products worth one yuan in China, the market price after returning to China will rise sharply to one dollar, which is a conservative estimate: the world toy car market sales will exceed 5 billion US dollars.

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