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Electric toy development space
- Sep 14, 2018 -

The future development of the domestic toy market for electric toy cars and car models is a concern of many people. As far as the development of the toy market is concerned, this is still a market with great development prospects for the following reasons:

The first point

The demand for the toy market is flexible--the toy is different from other commodities. The market demand is flexible and has a great room for expansion. It is not like the market cake that people often say. If one party eats more, the other party will decrease. A good example is that the four-wheel drive toy car has created a very good consumer market under the successful marketing of Audi Toys.

Second point

The popularity of cars will drive the expansion of the toy model car market - at present, the city of China's car family penetration rate is only about 10%. With the popularity of family cars, it will drive the expansion of the relevant toy model car market. In fact, the proportionally produced electric toy car has become a collection of many people from toy cars. From this point of view, the domestic toy car market will still have much room for expansion in the future.

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