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Electric toy classification
- Sep 14, 2018 -

1. Return type electric toys: The shape is mostly vehicles. If the toy encounters obstacles while driving, it can automatically turn. The principle is that the bottom is equipped with a return wheel, which is driven by the movement and is the driving wheel of the toy. Under normal circumstances The return wheel keeps the direction unchanged, so that the toy runs straight; after encountering the obstacle, the return wheel changes direction and turns the toy.

2, non-landing type electric toys: The shape is mostly vehicles. When the toy is driving on the table, once it reaches the edge of the table, it will automatically retreat and change direction, so it will not fall. This action is based on the internal special movement. Completed.

3. Manipulating electric toys: There are two types of vehicles: vehicles and animals. The battery is not installed in the toy body, but is loaded into an external battery box. The operator holds the battery box and manipulates the toy action by pressing the button on the box. The box and the toy are connected by wires, so it is called a wire-controlled toy. The advantage is that the operator can change the direction of the toy movement at any time according to his own wishes. The disadvantage is that the toy is dragged outside the wire and is inconvenient to use.

4, track-type electric toys: The shape is mostly by train, racing. Toys travel along the track, generally there are additional effects such as tweets, lights, etc. The track has two kinds of plastic and metal. The plastic track toy uses the battery installed in the body as energy. The metal track toy replaces the wire with the "work" type metal rail, and passes the low-voltage direct current. It is powered by the metal wheel and the track, and drives the motor in the front to drive the car. The other track car can be assembled. In various shapes, the car is lifted to a certain height by the transmission mechanism, and then slides down the track. It can make winding, rolling and other actions during the taxiing.

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